Haier Thermocool Commercial Beverage Cooler BC396 R290 with model HT COMM REF BEVERAGE COOLER BC396 R290.

This beverage cooler comes with improved insulation technology, meaning thinner walls that translates into greater interior capacity as well as improved energy efficiency.

Its been designed especially to accommodate beverages of all heights and sizes. Some of its outstanding features are:

Interior Fan for Ventilation

Interior fan ensures the rapid and uniform cooling of stored contents within minutes of operation.

Adjustable Shelves

Shelves can be easily adjusted to accommodate beverage containers of varying heights.

Self-Closing Door

The self-closing door feature ensures that the cooler door is properly shut after items have been taken from the unit.  This will prevent the escape of cool air from the unit and ensure beverages stay cool.

CFC Free Refrigeration system

Haier Thermocool beverage coolers feature the most eco-friendly refrigerant, which is great for protecting the environment from ozone depletion.

See-through Door

The see-through door enables the contents of the beverages to be seen clearly in order for selection to be made.

The fully tropicalized compressor works perfectly well in humid weather too, especially in this part of the world. Its glass shelving is made with tampered glass and is spill proof. This reduces the risk of spilled liquid within the refrigerator dripping to the floor.

Convenient lock and key to secure stored food items is a must have in every refrigerator, and the Haier Thermocool Beverage Cooler BC-396 is not left out.

Haier Thermocool products have been trusted for over 40years which gives customers enough reason to be at peace with themselves and their pockets when buying this product.



  • CFC Free Refrigeration System
  • Forced Air Ventilation
  • Double-Panes Argon-Filled Glass Door
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Self-Closing Door Design
  • 4 Adjustable Feet
  • Dimensions (W*D*H) 74.5x60x190.5cm


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