Haier Thermocool Ice Cream Freezer 162 R6, with model- HT ICE CREAM FREEZER 162 R6.

It has a 332-Litre capacity.

Its dimensions are W*D*H 1290*770*960 all in mm. This product is very portable and stylish. This means it does not take a lot of space,  also does not take the style from the décor. It fits in totally with the arrangement.

This Ice Cream freezer comes with improved insulation technology, meaning thicker walls that translates into a solid interior capacity as well as improved energy efficiency.

Some of its notable features and functions are:

Thick Foam

The thick foam ensures that all the freezer contents remain ice frozen for 100 hours after the power outage.

CFC Free Refrigeration system

Haier Thermocool beverage coolers feature the most eco-friendly refrigerant, which is great for protecting the environment from ozone depletion.

See-through Door

The see-through door enables the contents of the beverages to be seen clearly in order for selection to be made.


This feature keeps the owner’s mind at peace as any form of shoplifting is curbed.

The fully tropicalized compressor works perfectly well in humid weather too, especially in this part of the world.

Its low noise operation helps maintain a quieter environment. The zinc coated body protects the freezer from rust.

Want more reasons to buy Haier Thermocool products? Here they are:

  • 1 Year General Warranty & 3 Years on Cabinets & Compressors
  • Nationwide after-sales service
  • Trusted for over 40 years

 Haier Thermocool products have been trusted for over 40years which gives customers enough reason to be at peace with themselves and their pockets when buying this product. Thermocool products are considered safe to use anywhere. Thermocool products will serve its user with a defined purpose.



  • 162-Litre capacity
  • One Piece Top Frame
  • Aluminium Inner Liner
  • Attractive Curved Appearance
  • Toughened Glass Lid
  • Quiet Operation
  • Dimensions in cm (W*D*H) 84x56x110.5cm


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