Gen Set Bobo TEC-OPT2800ES is equipped with automatic soft touch button; this engine comes to life with just one touch of the button. It gives real time reading of Output Voltage, Run Hours and Frequency of Generator and two connects Points to supply power to consumers household. It has sensitive circuit breakers to actively protect Generator and Home Appliances from short circuits and Over loading and to charge dead or dying batteries while the generator is running. It has a large fuel tank, designed to provide adequate storage for fuel. Giving you an uninterrupted power supply with real time update of the rate of fuel usage, with the new improve fuel float, consumers fuel during operation, is closely monitored. This generator provides 10% better fuel efficiency and Cost savings for consumers and provides balance and dampens engine vibrations. The elongated handle also serves as a protective cover for the fuel tank when folded, also makes it easier for the Generator to be rolled, which is designed to give you real time readings of Output Voltage, Run Hours and Frequency of Generator. The generator alternator specifically designed to meet the inductive loading needs of consumers. This generator is able to load, Air conditioners, Freezer/Refrigerators easily.



  • Brand: Thermocool
  • Color: blue
  • Product description: Gasoline Generator set
  • Load required: 5 pcs 60W bulb, 4 pcs 100W fan, 2 pcs 200W TV, 1 piece 75W Home Theatre, 1 piece 100W DVD, 1 piece 50W DSTV Decoder, 2 pcs 1.0hp AC, 2 pcs 1.5hp AC, 1 piece 270W large size fridge/freezer
  • Power Output (Rated): W 2000 Power
  • Output (Max): W 2200
  • Voltage: V 230
  • Current: A 8.7
  • Frequency: Hz 50
  • Voltage DC: V 12
  • Current DC: A 8.3
  • Noise level (7m from front side) : dB(A) 71.00
  • Design life: Hours 1000
  • Half load continuous running time: Hours 11.0
  • Battery: BS, 7 Ah
  • Start method: Electric+Recoil
  • Tank Capacity: L 15.0
  • Remote: yes
  • One Touch Start Button
  • 3 in 1 Digital Meter showing Total and Current Run time
  • Carry 2units of 1hp AC + 2 unit of 1.5hp AC + Large sized Fridge/Freezer + other appliances. Optimized Alternator Design


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